Avenger® | Pure Kelp Plant Food | Hose Spray | 32 oz.

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Avenger® | Pure Kelp Plant Food | Hose Spray | 32 oz. 
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Avenger® Organics Pure Kelp Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer is a 100% organic plant bio-stimulant made from fresh edible Ecklonia kelp. Improves soil health and increases crop yields. Stimulates root and vegetation growth in turf, plants, flowers, shrubs & trees. Increases tolerance from disease, fungus, heat and physical stresses in the environment. Contains a wide variety of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Naturally adds micronutrients to the soil for increased root strength.

Great for: Vegetables, Plants, Flowers, Turf, Trees, Shrubs, Homeowners, Professional Gardeners, Municipalities, Turf Farms, Golf Courses, Parks and Large Landscaping Areas.



  • Will not burn plants and turf
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Safe around children, animals, and insects
  • Creates stronger plant cell walls
  • Less watering required
  • Reduces need for chemical plant protection
  • Produces more colorful plants and greener, healthier lawns
  • Highly economical - treats up to 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Three-year shelf life
  • Renewable organic product - responsibly harvested
  • Made in the USA


  Mix Ratios and Treatments:

  • Soil Soak: 1:200 Dilution (1 Tbs. per gallon)
    Apply 1/2 cupful of dilution for seedlings or 1 cupful for mature plants
    Use 1 quart of dilution for shrubs and trees
    Repeat after 6 weeks

  • Leaf Spray: 1:500 Dilution (1- ½ tsp. per gallon)
    Spray monthly starting at seedlings stage to maturity

  • Combination (Soil and Leaf):
    Starting with a soil soak
    Wait 6 weeks
    Spray leaves monthly until harvest
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