Avenger Organics Pure Kelp Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer 32 oz
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Avenger Organics Pure Kelp Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer 32 oz

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Avenger Organics Pure Kelp Plant Food Liquid Fertilizer is a 100% organic plant bio-stimulant made from fresh edible Ecklonia kelp. Improves soil health and increases crop yields. Stimulates root and vegetation growth in turf, plants, flowers, shrubs & trees. Increases tolerance from disease, fungus, heat and physical stresses in the environment. Contains a wide variety of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. Naturally adds micronutrients to the soil for increased root strength.

Great for: Vegetables, Plants, Flowers , Turf, Trees , Shrubs , Homeowners, Professional Gardeners, Municipalities, Turf Farms, Golf Courses , Parks  and Large Landscaping Areas.



•Will not burn plants and turf

•100% biodegradable

•Safe around children, animals, and insects

•Creates stronger plant cell walls

•Less watering required

•Reduces need for chemical plant protection

•Produces more colorful plants and greener, healthier lawns

•Highly economical - treats up to 10,000 sq. ft.

•Three year shelf life

•Renewable organic product - responsibly harvested

•Made in the USA


  Mix Ratios and Treatments:

•Soil Soak: 1:200 Dilution (1 Tbs. per gallon)

◦Apply 1/2 cupful of dilution for seedlings or 1 cupful for mature plants

◦Use 1 quart of dilution for shrubs and trees

◦Repeat after 6 weeks

•Leaf Spray: 1:500 Dilution (1- ½ tsp. per gallon)

◦Spray monthly starting at seedlings stage to maturity

•Combination (Soil and Leaf):

◦Starting with a soil soak

◦Wait 6 weeks

◦Spray leaves monthly until harvest

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